National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


October brings more than just Fall, Halloween, and daylight savings time. The month brings awareness to the often-overlooked matter of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is all about making our devices less vulnerable to means of cyber-threats through a means of protection.  

          Red Cyber Shield specializes in keeping your network, software, and data safe from any unauthorized attacks. Whether you’re an individual, a family with multiple users, a small business, or a large corporation…..we’re here to help and protect any vulnerabilities that may exist. Please make sure to check out the packages we offer for protection against cyber attacks, malware, and viruses.  

                          Don’t put yourself at RISK!…….PROTECT yourself today! 

Reducing Cybersecurity Risks and Protecting Yourself Online 

  1. Cybersecurity at Work-

  • Treat business information as personal information 
  • Don’t make passwords easy to guess 
  • Be up to date 
  • Social media is part of the fraud toolset 
  • It only takes one time 

  1. Cybersecurity While Traveling-

  • If You Connect IT, Protect IT 
  • Back up your information 
  • Connect only with people you trust 
  • Keep up to date 
  • Double your login protection 
  • Stop auto-connecting 
  • Stay protected while connected 

  1. Identity Theft and Internet Scams

  • COVID-19 scams such as emails with malicious attachments or links to fraudulent websites. 
  • Imposter scams such as those from phone calls. 
  • COVID-19 economic payments scams such as those related to criminal fraud that steals your personal and financial information.
    • A simple tip is to double your login protection through multi-factor authentication. 

  1. E-Skimming

  • A skimming code is introduced to a payment card processing websites by:
    • Exploiting a vulnerability  
    • Gaining access to the victim’s network  
    • Hiding skimming codes  
    • Redirecting customers to a malicious domain 
  • Those that are targeted:
    • Businesses accepting online payments on their websites. 
    • Third-party vendors 

  1. Internet of Things

  • Shake up your password protocol 
  • Keep tabs on your apps 
  • Secure your network
    • Upgrade to a modern operating system and keep it up-to-date 
    • Exercise secure user habits 
    • Leverage security software 
    • Safeguard against eavesdropping 
  • If you Connect IT, Protect IT 

  1. Multi-factor Authentication

  • 3 categories of credentials
    • Something you know- password/passphrase or PIN number 
    • Something you have- security app, verification, or smart card 
    • Something you are- fingerprint, facial recognition, or voice recognition. 

  1. Online Privacy

  • Double your login protection 
  • Shake up your password protocol 
  • Keep up to date 
  • If You Connect IT, Protect IT 
  • Play hard to get with strangers 
  • Never click and tell 
  • Keep tabs on your apps 
  • Stay protected while connected 

  1. Passwords

  • Use a long passphrase 
  • Don’t make passwords easy to guess 
  • Avoid using common words in your passwords 
  • Get creative 
  • Keep your passwords on the down-low 
  • Unique account, unique password 
  • Double your login protection 
  • Utilize a password manager to remember all your long passwords 

  1. Phishing

  • Play hard to get with strangers 
  • Think before you act 
  • Protect your personal information 
  • Be wary of hyperlinks 
  • Double your login protection 
  • Shake up your password protocol 
  • Install and update anti-virus software 

  1. Protecting Your Digital Home

  • Secure your Wi-Fi Network 
  • Double your login protection 
  • If you connect, you must protect it 
  • Keep tabs on your apps  
  • Never click and tell 

  1. Social Media Cybersecurity

  • If you Connect IT, Protect IT 
  • Never click and tell 
  • Speak up if you’re uncomfortable 
  • Report suspicious or harassing activity 
  • Remember, there is no ‘Delete’ button on the internet 
  • Update your privacy settings 
  • Connect only with people you trust 

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